Recipe Round-up (March 2024)

Recipe Round-up (March 2024)

It’s amazing how quickly a month can go by! We’re down in Baja California right now, and balancing work with international travel has been an interesting new challenge. Somehow it seems to have made life move even faster. We are, of course, used to working on the road, but it’s a little bit different when you are someplace as exciting as this. In the states we are generally  fine with parking up someplace nice and working most of the week, only making the effort to get out for adventures on the weekends, but that is simply not enough in Baja. There is just too much to do down here.

So, I have not been quite as productive on this trip as maybe I envisioned, but I don’t regret it one bit. It has been a truly incredible experience to bring our home down here, and being able to work along the way makes it all the better. We might work a bit less and adventure a bit less than we’d like, but being able to take a 3-month trip and pay the bills along the way is pretty special.

Anyway, you aren’t here to hear about our time in Baja, you’re here for some good recipes. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there. In addition to continuing to publish recipes with Food Republic and Chowhound, I’m now also cooking for Mashed. If you can’t find something good to cook in this March recipe round-up, well, first I have to question your taste, but second I’ll tell you that I have new recipes coming to those sites every week, so stay tuned.


esquites rice chimichangas

Esquites Rice Chimichangas


plate of tuna casserole

Upscale Tuna Casserole


brie and apple grilled cheese sandwiches

Sweet and Savory Brie and Apple Butter Grilled Cheese


bowl of caldo de pollo

Slow-Simmered Caldo de Pollo


bowl of chili with fixings

Chorizo and Beef Chili con Carne


bowl of vanilla pudding

Easy Classic Vanilla Pudding


braised chicken with potatoesCider-Braised Chicken with Cabbange and Thyme


bowl of thai coconut pumpkin soup

Thai-Inspired Coconut And Pumpkin Soup

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