Recipe Round-up (February 2024)

Recipe Round-up (February 2024)

Alright, y’all. Times have been busy finishing the recipes for the second cookbook, so I haven’t been too active on the blog here, but I have still been hard at work over on Food Republic and Chowhound. Here’s a little round-up of some of the recipes I’ve developed for them.  I hope you are as excited to try them as I am to share them.


Coconut Chicken Tenders with Thai Green Curry Dipping Sauce
coconut chicken tenders with thai green curry sauce


Jamaican Beef Patty Pot Pie

jamaican beef patty pot pie


Simple Shrimp Congee

bowl of shrimp congee


Classic White Negroniwhite negroni in rocks glass


Herbed Pumpkin Potato Gratinplate of pumpkin potato gratin


Tamarind-Lime Thumbprint Cookies

tamarind lime thumbprint cookie


Rosemary, Chicken, and Potato Stew

bowl of stew


Quick and Easy Skillet Chicken Teriyakiplate of chicken teriyaki


That is all I am going to post for now (don’t want to overwhelm you), but if you are looking for more, there are loads of my recipes available on my author bio pages at and


Moving forward, I plan to post a recipe round-up about every month, so stay tuned for lots more tasty food coming your way.

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