Recipe Round-Up (April 2024)

Recipe Round-Up (April 2024)

Somehow another month has already passed, which means it’s time for another recipe round-up. This month we have a wide selection of dishes and drinks covering a large swath of world cuisines. Whether it’s the creamy, spicy Panang curry tomato bisque which catches your eye, the crisp, aromatic salt and pepper shrimp, or the incredibly fun dirty shirley fizz, there’s something in this round-up which surely ought to be on your table this week.

We are still catching up with the recipes I’ve published over the past few months on Food Republic, Chowhound, and Mashed, so there is plenty in here for everyone to find something. Pretty soon these round-ups will be back to just four recipes a month, but for now I still have eight exciting offers for you. So, have a look, find yourself something good to eat, and don’t forget to let me know how you liked it.


Takeout-Style Beef and Broccoli


Panang Curry Tomato Bisque


Salt and Pepper Shrimp


Lemon Shortbread Cookies with Almond Glaze


Deconstructed Egg Roll Bowl


Dirty Shirley Fizz


Banh Mi Hot Dogs


Chicken Adobado Tacos

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