Welcome to The Buslife Kitchen!

Our mission is to craft and share cuisine for the modern nomad. We live in Sweet Bea, our short bus, and turn out both gourmet fare and easy, weeknight recipes from our tiny kitchen and 3-burner stove. The goal is to empower you to realize that cooking excellent food in a tiny kitchen is not only possible, but easy, and that the rewards are certainly worth the effort.



In the autumn of 2017, Andy left a career as a wildland firefighter in order to pursue his other passions of cooking, travel, and writing. Over the three years that followed, he met the love of his life, turned a retired short bus into a tiny home, and hit the road to see the world and share his love of cooking and delicious food with everyone he could find.

What you have here, The Buslife Kitchen, is the culmination of years of work and exploration. Through plenty of travel, many books, and countless hours in the kitchen, Andy taught himself about the foods of the world and how to prepare them. He then set about the task of refining these recipes for use in a tiny kitchen with only a 3-burner propane stove and no oven. And there you have it: cuisine for the modern nomad.



On this website we share many recipes: both easy meals to throw together for tired nights after a day of adventure, as well as complex and exciting recipes which allow you to taste foods from the other side of the globe. What you will not find here are overly long preambles to recipes or the slews of ads present on most food blogs. I hate that stuff, and I am sure that you do too. These recipes are a gift, given without expectation. That said, it is my dream to make a living cooking and writing about delicious food and sharing it with you. So, if you enjoy what you find here and would like to give back, check out the “support us” page.



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