The Cookbooks Have Arrived!

The Cookbooks Have Arrived!

The cookbooks have finally arrived! 3000 copies (minus the preorders) just waiting to be sent out! Order yourself one from the shop today!

This cookbook was built from the ground up for all the buslifers, van-dwellers, rv pilots, boat captains, and tiny housers out there (and anyone else who likes cooking really good food). It features over 100 recipes from more than 15 different cuisines, everything from chilaquiles and steak au poivre to poke bowls and pumpkin pie—there’s even a recipe for a Thanksgiving turkey in there. And, best of all, every recipe in there can be cooked on your little two or three burner stovetop.

The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook Inside

In addition to all of those delicious recipes, the book features loads of beautiful photos, cooking tips, and stories from our adventures. If you want to make really good food in your tiny kitchen, or just live vicariously through our adventures, it’s a must-have. 

But perhaps what makes this product most unique, is that nearly all of it was done in house. Or, rather, in bus. While traveling full-time in our bus I developed these recipes, shot the photos, wrote them up, did the graphic design, funded it via kickstarter, and found a printing company to produce the books. I have had my hands in nearly every aspect of this creation—it is truly a labor of love.

I am very proud of this book. The food is good, the pictures are beautiful, and many readers have commented that the interludes were their favorite part. I think that you are going to love it.

So, go get yourself a copy already!

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