The Cookbook is on Amazon

The Cookbook is on Amazon

A few weeks ago, two pallets of The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook arrived in Colorado and were promptly stuffed into my brother’s garage. That first weekend I packaged and mailed the more than 300 pre-orders. By now, just about everyone who preordered a book should have it in their hands (maybe not you folks in Australia and New Zealand quite yet). But, for those folks who didn’t get in on the kickstarter or pre-order train, I am pleased to announce that the cookbook is also for sale in the shop on this website and on Amazon!


two pallets of cookbooks


The past couple of weeks have been truly spectacular. I have been delighted to see the photos of everyone receiving their books and starting to cook some of my recipes. The good feedback is truly overwhelming, and I thank you all for sharing. Please, continue to send me photos of the food you cook, I really do love seeing it and hearing about your experience.

And please, if you love the book, let the world know. I am in this game all by myself, competing with folks with a team of publicists behind them. Your shares and reviews really do make all the difference in getting this book in front of the eyes of people who will love it. So, if you have a second, head over to Amazon and leave a review, or give the book a shout out on social media.



Thank you all for your support in turning this project from an idea into reality. I couldn’t do any of this without you.

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