The Buslife Kitchen Kickstarter Cocktail Companion

The Buslife Kitchen Kickstarter Cocktail Companion

At long last, the Buslife Kitchen Cocktail Companion is here! This little e-book was initially conceived as a reward for meeting a stretch goal on the kickstarter campaign which funded the cookbook. What I promised at the time was a simple e-booklet with ten cocktail recipes. But, as I started working on it, I just wasn’t satisfied with that. I was so proud of the cookbook, there was no way I could send out an e-book that wasn’t of the same quality. So, the project was delayed. And delayed again. And again. But now it has finally arrived, and I think the end product is worth the wait!



Instead of a little booklet with ten recipes, this project has transformed into a 39-page e-book featuring 26 recipes for cocktails, mocktails, syrups, and liqueurs, as well as three essays and lots of photos. It is written and laid out in the same format as the cookbook, so this is essentially a bonus 25%.

Now, if you contributed to the kickstarter and opted in, you will receive a copy of the Cocktail Companion in your email today (it may already be there, have a look). If you weren’t part of the kickstarter campaign, worry not, you can purchase a copy in my store for just $5.



Enjoy, everyone!

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