The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook

The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook

The day has finally arrived, and the Kickstarter for The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook is LIVE! You can check it out here!

For those of you that don’t follow me on social media, first of all, you should, but second, this kickstarter has been a long time coming. I have spent the last few years working on a cookbook, and I am really excited to share it with all of you. Some of the recipes that you have enjoyed from this website will be in it, but there are also plenty of recipes that you haven’t seen, and which will only be available in the book.


The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook Front Cover


The book contains what I am calling cuisine for the modern nomad. What that means to me is a diverse set of recipes for different occasions and from different cuisines, all of which are designed to be prepared in a bus, van, RV, boat, on a camp stove, or in any other tiny kitchen. More specifically, this book is packed with 100+ recipes from around 14+ cuisines, all of which can be cooked in your tiny kitchen, as well as stories from the road, buslife cooking knowledge, and lots of beautiful, full-color photos.

Now, just because these recipes are buslife-ready doesn’t mean that in order to use this book you need to be cooking in a space like ours. If you have a nicer kitchen, with things like hot water or an oven, cooking these recipes will be that much easier. What it does mean is that if you have a good, two-burner camp stove and the ability to power an immersion blender, you can cook every recipe in this book.

Like our bus build, this book is the result of a dream, a lot of passion, and an inordinate amount of work. I am really proud of what I have created, and I think that you are going to love it. So, click this kickstarter link right here, and check it out!

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