Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen

The cookware that we carry in our bus is likely quite a bit more than many other modern nomads, but if you can find the space for all of it, you can make every meal that you will find on this website. We have champagne tastes on a buslife budget, and with the equipment listed below, you can produce some truly epic grub without breaking the bank.

Some items are more specialized and not as frequently used, but this is what we carry, and I do use every piece of it. Depending on how much you like to cook, you can omit some items, particularly some things in the doodads section, but this is a pretty good kitchen setup, and will allow you to cook some truly incredible meals on the road. I hope this guide helps you fill out your kitchen!

And if you want to skip the reading and head straight to the list, click through here to our Amazon storefront, where you will find a convenient list of all of our kitchen equipment.


our kitchen

This post is focused on how to fill your kitchen. If you want info on how we built ours, click this link and hop on over to www.letsliveeverywhere.com

-Non-stick skillets (1-3)
-Dutch oven
-Large cast iron pot
-Mixing bowls
-Grill Pan
-Wire roasting rack (that fits in cast iron pot)
-Baking pans
-Cake pans
-Stovetop espresso maker
-Stove thermometer

-Chef’s Knife
-Offset Deli Knife
-Paring Knife

-Immersion blender set
-Digital Meat/Candy thermometer
-Scale (optional, but great for baking)

-Measuring Cups
-Measuring Spoons
-Cheese grater
-Can Opener
-Citrus Squeezer
-Potato Masher
-Folding steamer basket
-Set of many cooking utensils
-Plastic cutting board
-Wooden Cutting board
-Good, reusable food storage products
-Stovetop toaster (optional)
-Butane torch (optional)
-Squeeze bottles for sauces
-Mandolin (optional)
-Silicone Brush
-Wine Opener
-Knife Sharpener

-Plates and Bowls for 4 (for guests and less frequent washing up)
-Ramekins for sauces/dips
-Smaller sauce cups
-Tubs for storing/washing dishes
-Collapsible Drying Rack for Dishes
-Spray Bottle for dishes (water/soap mix)
-Campfire grill
-Vegetable grill basket

The list above consists of Amazon affiliate links. If you click through one of the links, we receive a small percentage of anything you purchase during that session (even if it is not the linked item). We have done our best to link the exact products we use, so we can wholeheartedly endorse them. Hopefully this list helps you fill your kitchen with exactly what you need!

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