It’s SALE time!!!

It’s SALE time!!!

This week, two really big things are happening. On the same day, actually. January 22nd marks both my 35th birthday AND the 6 month anniversary of the release of The Buslife Kitchen. So, I’m having a little sale about it. From now until the 23rd, books purchased on both and Amazon will be $4 off! Only $18 and you can pick up a copy of this killer cookbook.

There’s another reason that I’m putting on this sale, and it is one that I hope you can help me with. When I put this book out, I set a goal for myself of selling 1000 copies in the first six months. It is a big goal, and one that I really had no idea whether or not I could finish, but we are soooo close. Right now we have sold 921 copies of the cookbook. We are only 79 away from meeting that goal which might just help me land an agent and a publisher for the next book. So, if you are feeling the love, now would be a great time to buy a book for a friend (or at least point them in the right direction).

Thank you all for your support and for always spreading the word. Here’s hoping we make it to 1000!!!

You can shop at and amazon

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